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Book#0038 – Leading an Inspired Life

Book0038-Leading an Inspired Life

Leading an Inspired Life

Jim Rohn


You’re going to learn a great number of ideas as you go through this book… ideas that have helped successful people accomplish their goals, achieve certain wealth, and experience greater joy and satisfaction in their lives. The ideas you’re about to discover are fundamental to the art of winning. They are guaranteed to help you achieve your most inspiring dreams. If you apply them to your own life, you will experience equally exciting results.


Chapter One. A Magic Word: Discipline

The Bridge Between Thought and Accomplishment
A Spiral of Achievement
The Rewards for a Disciplined Existence
Improving the Quality of Your Life
Doing Your Best
Reaping a Multiple Reward
Price vs. Promise
The Time to Act

Chapter Two. The Art of Personal Development

Starting the Process of Change
Preparing Yourself Mentally
The Principles of ‘Self-Making’
Accepting Responsibility
Increasing Your Value to the Marketplace
The Promise of the Future
Maintaining the Physical
Taking Care of the Temple

Chapter Four. The Power of Ideas

Chapter Five. The Driving Force of Motivation

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