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Book#0042 – How to Be Rich

Book0042-How to Be Rich

How to Be Rich

J. Paul Getty

About This Book

J. Paul Getty would like to convince young businessmen that there are no sure-fire, quick-and-easy formulas for success in business, that there are no ways in which a man can automatically become a millionaire in business.

There is no tricks, no magical incantations or sorcerer’s potions which can make a business or a businessman an overnight success. Many qualities and much hard work are needed, as are innumerable other elements, before a businessman or woman can achieve success and reach the millionaire level. The various qualities, elements and factors which other successful businessmen and J. Paul Getty have found to be essential or helpful are subjects of this book.


Part One. Becoming a Millionaire

How I Made My First Billion

You Can Make a Million Today

The Millionaire Mentality

Part Two. How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying

What Makes an Executive?

The Force of Habit

Business Blunders and Booby Traps

The Psychology of Sound Personnel Management

Living with Labor

The Businessman at Bay

The Imp of the Impossible

Part Three. The Value of Dissent, Culture and Nonconformity

The Vanishing Americans

The Educated Barbarians

The Homogenized Man

Part Four. The Art of Investment

The Wall Street Investor

A Real Approach to Real Estate

Fine Art: The Finest Investment

Part Five. Of Money and Values

The Morals of Money

The Art of Individuality

A Sense of Values

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