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Book#0043 – The Accidental Creative

Book0043-The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative

How To Be Brilliant At A Moment’s Notice
Todd Henry

About This Book

In some circles, the word “creative” has recently morphed from adjective to noun. If you are one of the millions among us who make a living with your mind, you could be tagged a “creative.” Every day, you solve problems, innovate, develop systems, design things, write, think, and strategize. You are responsible for moving big conceptual rocks, crafting systems that form the foundations for future growth—creating value that didn’t exist before you arrived on the scene.

Whichever type you are, creative or “accidental creative,” this book will help you create faster and more effectively than you ever imagined possible.

For the traditional creatives, such as designers, writers, visual artists, musicians, and performers, this book will help you establish enough structure in your life to get the most out of your creative process. It will also teach you how to stay engaged and prolific over the long term, which is often a problem for artists who must produce continually on demand.

For the nontraditional creatives, such as managers, strategists, consultants, salespeople, and client service reps, this book will help you unlock your latent creative abilities. You will learn how to do what many brilliant creatives already do instinctively, and how to do it consistently. In short, you will learn how to be brilliant when it counts the most.



Introduction: The Accidental Creative

Part 1. The Dynamics

01.   The Dynamics Of Creative Work

02.   The Dynamics Of Team Work

03.   The Side Effects: Dealing With The Assassins Of Creativity

Part 2. Creative Rhythm

04.   Focus: Zeroing In On What’s Critical

05.   Relationships: Being Brilliant Together

06.   Energy: Your Invisible Ally

07.   Stimuli: What Goes In Must Come Out

08.   Hours: They’re The Currency Of Productivity

09.   Putting It All Together: The Checkpoints

10.  Cover Bands Don’t Change The World

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