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Book#0044 – Procrastinate on Purpose

Book0044-Procrastinate on Purpose

Procrastinate on Purpose

5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time
Rory Vaden

About This Book

You are about to radically alter the way you think about time.

And if you’re like the Multipliers you’re going to read about in this book, then chances are you’re (justifiably) protective about what you allow to enter into your mind and whom you allow yourself to learn from.

The ideas in this book come from a variety of disciplines, but one thing you can be sure of is that they have been tested through the fire of real-life situations—including my (Rory Vaden) own. Like most business books you will read, my writing includes original data from polling and statistical sampling that we have done, as well as through synthesizing existing publications and academic research. At Southwestern Consulting, however, while we do appreciate academic research, we pride ourselves on being practitioners, and on providing strategies that are of real value and not just a pithy pitch.

In other words, these aren’t just principles we have gathered from a smattering of sources and that work in theory; these are principles that we are actually practicing in our own company and learning alongside you.


Part 1: The Truth About Time

1.  What You Thought You Knew

2.  Managing and Prioritizing Your Time

3.  Multiplying Your Time

Part 2: The 5 Permissions

4.  Eliminate: The Permission to Ignore

5.  Automate: The Permission to Invest

6.  Delegate: The Permission of Imperfect

7.  Procrastinate: The Permission of Incomplete

8.  Concentrate: The Permission to Protect

Part 3: The Next Step

9.  Multiplying Your Results

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