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From Data to Information Literacy

The executive and the knowledge worker have only one tool—information.

Information is what holds an organization together and information is what makes individual knowledge workers effective. Enterprises and individuals will have to learn what information they need and how to get it. They will have to learn how to organize information as their key resource.

In moving from data literacy to information literacy, you need to answer two principal questions: “What information does my enterprise need?” and “What information do I need?” To answer these questions you have to rethink:

  • What your job is, and what it should be
  • What your contribution is, or should be
  • What the fundamentals are of your organization

You will need three different types of information, each with its own concepts. The three primary types of information are: external information, internal information, and cross-organizational information. Your success and the success of your organization depend upon getting these answers right.

ACTION POINT: Anser these questions: “What is my job? What should be my contribution?” and “What are the fundamentals of the organization?” Then answer: “What information does my organization need?” and “What information do I need?”

Management Challenges for the 21st Century
From Data to Information Literacy (Corpedia Online Program)

* Source: The Daily Drucker by Peter F. Drucker

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